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Hi! Thank you so much for being here and Welcome to AmazingEve!

AmazingEve is for people like you. It is a great community that aims to inspire people to achieve the life they desire. And I firmly believe that everyone has that power to create the life they ever dreamed!  It will start to happen when we stop limiting our minds to what's possible and when we are ready to push ourselves to take action.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I started this AmazingEve community. My name is Evan Parcon, currently based in Cebu City, Philippines!

I've worked in a Call Center Industry for nine years. It was my dream job when I was yet in college, and I thought it is so cool to work at night and study in the morning. I have always been a workaholic! And after awhile, I realised that dreams and aspirations do change. I started asking myself how I can be better? How can I grow? Only if I can learn new skills, perhaps I can change career and move into a different industry. I educated myself and learned from home. I teach myself to make a website, and then AmazingEve came to life.

I invite you to join our mailing list as I will be sending you inspirational articles, guides and some tips based on my personal experience on how I was able to turn my life around. Who knows, you might learn something from it.

I encourage writers who wish to practice and share their creativity to contribute to my page. Please join me and help inspire others.

You can email me at hello@amazingeve.com for your entries or feel free to go and directly on our contact us page.

Stay tune guys!

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I hope you are enjoying the website and finds it helpful and inspiring!
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Evan Parcon

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