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Wow, Thank you for being here! 

My name is Evan Parcon,  Welcome to my journey in becoming a Creative Digital Marketing Strategist and SEO Specialist and how I discovered my passion, what my core values are and work ethics.

I am currently based in the Queen City of the South, Cebu, Philippines! This city is where you can find amazingly beautiful beaches and waterfalls. I will share some of the sample photos on my blog page soon.

I've worked in a Call Center Industry for nine years. It was my dream job when I was yet in college, and I thought how cool it is to work at night and go to school in the morning, it was a "thing" for me back then. Yes! I'm a Workaholic, lol!

But then after awhile, I realised that dreams and aspirations do change. Same as with the fashion and business trends and so I started asking myself

How can I be better? How can I grow? How can I add value?

With these in mind, I invested more into education and learning new skills. Apparently, I wanted to know what I'm passionate about and get more out of life. Learning how to build my website, is just one of them! That's how AmazingEve came to life.

I've always had a desire for self- development, to improve my skills and enhance my learning.

Changing a career and moving to a different industry is never an easy journey and a huge decision to make. And yet, doing things you don't like is the best way to waste your life.

Making a move is about sacrifices. I have to give away an enormous amount of my time and save money to achieve that smooth transition. I need to skip some of our amazing trips! And even to cut my budget short.

if you want to see my My Professional Timeline

My concept for the site is more of a voice that inspires people, those who are thinking of changing a career but don't know where to start.

You're invited to join my mailing list! I will be sending you inspirational articles, guides and some tips based on my personal experience on how I was able to turn my life around. Who knows, you might learn something from it.

I also encourage writers who wish to share their creativity, please contribute to my blog. Please send me your entries and help inspire others.

You can email me at hello@amazingeve.com for your entries or feel free to go and directly write them here Contact Us page.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
- Pablo Picasso

I hope you are enjoying the website and finds it helpful and inspiring!
Creative Digital Marketing & Seo Strategist | Evan Parcon
Evan Parcon

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